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With a book in her bag and a switchblade in her pocket, Rebel's been thieving her way through life while hoping for a cure to fix her ailing heart.


But when the bejeweled vase she just tried to hawk turns out to be a jinni's vessel, Rebel gets lost to her world and dragged within another. Now every magical being in the city wants the vase for themselves.

Thrust into a game of cat and mouse in a world she never knew existed, Rebel must use her uncanny skills to find a way to free Anjeline the Wishmaker. 


But wishes have consequences. And contracts. Anjeline's freedom could unravel a love like Rebel has never known, or it could come at the cost of Rebel's heart...



About the Book


Author's Note

Abstract Architecture

Help the Zebra Coalition® in creating aid and shelter for LGBTQ+ youth. The Coalition assists young people facing homelessness, bullying, isolation from their families, and abuse, with individualized programs to guide them within a supportive environment.

I wrote this book with a prayer and a dream to reach those hearts who needed it. In it’s simplest form, the story was created with the premise of an unloved girl looking for it through stories and magic. In many ways it's a metaphor of my own experiences growing up, at a time where I felt invisible, depressed, hiding who I was, and like the character, I looked to stories to fill that hole. This yearning for emotional bonds is at the center of the story, where a girl is searching for healing, for the magical, and for ultimately love.


My deepest gratitude to the gentle and fierce readers who will pick up this book, and to those who may have to hide it from others. I wrote this story for you. Never forget you are loved. Your love matters.

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