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With 9th graders at OSS Orlando Science School


Creative Writing Workshops (grades 7-12):


In this 45minute hands-on creative writing workshop, we will explore how students can use their own experiences and curiosity to create compelling writing and believable characters. With a few writing prompts we will discuss strategies for finding ideas and developing their skills at creating well developed stories.  


SKYPE/Zoom Online Visit and Chat


If a physical visit is not possible than a virtual visit works as well.

This includes a 30 minute Q&A session.

I am available for school visits, presentations, writing workshops and conferences. All presentations can be fitted to the needs of a particular group or class.  Please contact me for more information.


Some examples of a session are:


THE BIRTH OF AN IDEA  (grades 5-12) 


I'm constantly asked as an author where do you get your stories from?

In this hour-long session, we trace the journey of how an author can take an idea, and expand it into a full 300-page book with a little bit of sweat, imagination, and a lot of tears. I illustrate how I used the Who, What and Why, formula in THE WISHING HEART, by taking a simple idea and creating a fully developed story around it. We move on to an exercise focused on taking an idea and using the formula to come up with a concrete premise for a story.

+This hour also includes a question and answer period.




For details and scheduling, please contact JC Welker:


Thanks! Message sent.

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